Silk home textile L&A develops online sales

2020-06-09 16:52:17 嘉兴市南秀丝语丝绸有限公司 Viewd 1047

I have seen many companies transforming and creating physical store brands, but few home textile companies transforming to create online brands; I have seen many companies recruiting physical store franchisees, but rarely seeing home textile companies recruiting online agents. Tongxiang L&A Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is such a new type of enterprise that is unconventional and transforms through network marketing channels.

Since October 2009, L&A has started to prepare for the development of online marketing brand. In August of this year, it landed in the mall and tried online marketing. It has achieved remarkable results with its special products such as silk quilts and scarves. According to Ms. Yu Chao, the person in charge of L&A brand network marketing, China is the birthplace of silk, but the density of silk brands is low. L&A has 15 years of professional production experience in silk products, but the Internet is a tool of the new era, without a region. , Age, time limit. Combining traditional culture with modern products, promoting silk culture more broadly, and bringing high-quality silk products to people all over the world is the purpose of L&A to expand its network marketing channels.

"L&A is currently recruiting online agents. Whether it is b2c online shopping platforms such as Paipai, Youah, and eBay, or young entrepreneurs who independently create online shopping platforms, they have certain experience in online marketing, and L&A will open the door to you." Ms. Yu said, “L&A has a flagship store in Tongxiang, which has a wealth of products and is open to the outside world. Interested agents can come and check the supply. L&A has made all preparations to show off with the agents and create wealth."

Tongxiang L&A Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is located in Tongfu Industrial Zone, Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, where the silk is produced. It has imported digital printing equipment to achieve personalized, rapid sample preparation, small batch production and other conditions. It is exported to Europe and the United States for high-end scarves, silk scarves, Fan scarves, beach towels, flags, belts, silk gifts and hair accessories series products; domestic sales of "L&A" brand of mid-to-high-end all-silk scarves, mulberry silk quilts, silk blankets, personalized printing pillows and silk home apparel products.