Won the gold medal in the National Tourism Commodity Competition, the two works in Jiaxing are very "hearty"

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Tourism commodities are the most flexible part of consumption in the "food, lodging, travel, shopping and entertainment". The consumption demand of tourists is constantly changing, forcing tourism commodities to require continuous innovation. What kind of tourism products can make tourists pay? On September 6, the 2019 Chinese Characteristic Tourism Product Competition held an award ceremony in Emeishan City, Leshan City, Sichuan Province. Jiaxing won two gold awards in this competition, namely, Yongmu·Stove from Jiaxing Yongmu Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd., and Patent Silk Necklace (Water Ink Jiangnan) from Jiaxing Nanxiu Siyu Silk Co., Ltd.

The two products that can win the gold medal are very "hearted"

Roasting charcoal for heating and making tea around the stove have always been one of the traditional Chinese customs. With the development of society, this custom has gradually disappeared in the long river of years. Ni Shuyang, the person in charge of Jiaxing Yongmu Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd., told reporters that it took 2 years for the gold medal-winning Yongmu·Stove to come out. “The traditional culture of making tea in a furnace is a fun and elegant thing that everyone likes. Therefore, we hope to launch such a cultural and creative product that serves the past as the present and integrates modern lifestyles with traditional cultural customs."

According to Ni Shuyang, the tea-making stove is made of red sandalwood and mahogany, and the inner tank is made of hand-forged copper. The middle layer is made of high-tech nano-insulation materials, which can insulate well at 1400 degrees. It is equipped with Wood, fire tongs, gray rake, and iron. Pot, burn a furnace of smokeless charcoal, meet three or two friends, not only can narrate the stove together, but also have the functions of heating, humidifying, and making tea.

Silk products in tourism products are not uncommon. The Nanxiu silk language double-patented silk necklace that was unveiled in this competition is still eye-catching, becoming a fashionable product that coexists with practicality and decoration. Zhou Huixing, general manager of Jiaxing Nanxiu Silky Silk Co., Ltd., introduced that many necklaces on the market are for decoration, but they all have different shortcomings. This silk necklace overcomes the existing decorative necklaces. Insufficiency and design.

The reporter saw that the silk necklace is composed of a simple chain, a magnetic buckle and a pendant. The chain is woven from mulberry silk fabric. It is smooth and breathable. The pendant is a pearl that passes through the silk chain through a loop, and the necklace wraps around the neck. The magnetic buckle can attract each other stably, and has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient use. Zhou Huixing told reporters: "This time to win the gold award is also an affirmation for us. It will also encourage us to invest more energy in design innovation and strive to create a fashionable and creative accessories platform."

"Jiaxing Symbol" tourism products highlight regional characteristics

A tourist souvenir is also a memory about travel. If a visitor to Jiaxing buys the souvenir, it is equivalent to taking away a memory related to Jiaxing. In recent years, the skilled craftsmen in Jiaxing have found a road to the industrialization of tourism products by digging out the city's cultural resources, and tourism products with unique geographical characteristics have emerged one after another.

The person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism told reporters that there are 90 sets of entries in the Jiaxing Chinese Characteristic Tourism Commodity Competition, covering 18 categories such as tourist crafts, tourist jewelry, tourist personal equipment, sporting goods, and tourist food. The entries have strong Jiaxing water culture, red culture, canal culture, historical culture and other regional characteristics, and take into account marketability, practicability, innovation, craftsmanship, well-known brand, obvious characteristics, and outstanding tourist product characteristics.

In addition to holding back 2 gold awards, Jiaxing's entries also won 3 bronze awards, namely the "Wuzhen Wu" Wuzhen series wines of Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd. and the "wego wego" camera glasses of Jiashan Weiguo Network Technology Co., Ltd. , "Dragon Brand" Pinghu Laodan from Pinghu Longpai Food Co., Ltd.