Color matching skills for silk scarves

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Color matching skills for silk scarves:

Plain clothes with plain silk scarves

Because the clothes and scarves are all plain colors, you can use the same color to match colors; you can also use different colors to reflect each other. In addition to comparing colors, you can also use color matching methods, such as silk clothes with velvet scarves, pure cotton clothes, and silk scarves; or pure wool clothes with silk scarves, etc. Different texture materials to distinguish, there will be very good visual results!

Printed clothes with printed silk scarves

Those who prefer a strong artistic flavor can choose this highly difficult matching method to highlight the spirit of the individual. When there are prints on clothes and scarves, the color of the clothes and scarves must be divided into [main] and [sub]. The so-called protagonists are usually flowers with stronger colors or brighter markings. Generally speaking, the printing of scarves is the main initiative, and the printing of clothes is the secondary.

Plaid clothes with unbiased printed silk scarves

Some people like to wear clothes with simple stripes or lattices. Clothes with these attributes are more suitable for unbiased printed scarves. For example, when wearing a brown striped suit, you can wear a light brown paramecium print scarf. If clothes and scarves have biased prints, the prints of the scarves should be prevented from recurring with the prints of the clothes, and at the same time, the stripes and lattices of the clothes should be prevented from being in the same direction.