How to wash and dry silk scarves

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How to wash and dry silk scarves? Although the washing instructions of many silk scarves indicate that it is best to use dry cleaning, if the washing method is correct, most silk scarves can be washed at home. The key is to choose a detergent suitable for the silk scarf material and suitable water temperature, confirm in advance whether it will fade, and then carefully follow the following methods:

(1) Choose neutral detergent without fluorescent agent.

(2) Wash with warm water around 20 degrees Celsius. Keep the cleaning water at a certain temperature, first dissolve the detergent in warm water at about 20 degrees Celsius for later use.

(3) Be sure to do a fading test first. Dip a little water on the edge or inconspicuous part of the silk scarf, and press it with a white towel. If there is some fading, please avoid washing with water.

(4) Rinse quickly after folding. Fold the silk scarf neatly, then fix the fold by hand, quickly put it in the water, shake it back and forth to rinse the surface dirt.

(5) Wring dry in the folded state, and rinse again after spreading out. Fold the silk scarf into one-eighth size and wring it out gently. Then change to clean warm water and repeat step (4) twice.

(6) Treat with softener. In order to prevent static electricity and increase elasticity, you can use a special softener for clothes, rinse and wring out in warm water for the last time.

(7) Spread the silk scarf and wrap it in a towel. Spread the silk scarf out, spread it flat on the towel, and roll it up along the edge to form a cylinder to fully absorb the moisture.

(8) Dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place. After removing the moisture, spread out the silk scarf completely, hang it on a hanger, and place it in a dark place to dry indoors (because the silk fabric is easy to fade in the sun, pay special attention).